If your watch has been briefly exposed to water such as while washing your hands, or in the rain, The build of your watch should be fine. Note that the water resistance of your timepiece is only a guidance on the impermeability of the case. 

For more information about the exact water resistance of your watch please refer here

If your watch is exposed to salt or sea water it is advised that you immediately wash off the salt water with fresh water before drying the watch with a soft dry cloth. Salt water and sea water are much more harmful and abrasive on watches than fresh water and great care must be taken if your watch is exposed to these conditions.

If your watch is also exposed to high humidity or steam – it maybe that steam or hot air molecules may get trapped inside your watch and then condense on the inside of the lens of the watch. In this case please avoid Jacuzzis, saunas and other areas that prone to extreme steam.

If your AVI-8 timepiece is still not working fine, we advise you to get in touch with us or an AVI-8 authorised repair centre.