Know your timepiece

Is my watch water resistant?
Yes, your timepiece is water resistant. A minimum water-resistance rating is 5 ATM (50m). The water resistance of the timepiece cannot be guarante...
Mon, 5 Sep, 2016 at 10:57 AM
Can I dive with my AVI-8?
Your AVI-8 watch is built with a minimum water-resistance rating is 5 ATM (50m). It is however noted that your AVI-8 is not designed for diving and suc...
Tue, 30 Aug, 2016 at 11:19 AM
Is my watch dust resistant?
Yes, your AVI-8 timepiece is protected from the dust. Although, you should be careful not to drop your timepiece, as its water and dust-resistant fea...
Tue, 30 Aug, 2016 at 11:20 AM
Is my watch shockproof?
Yes, Your AVI-8 timepiece is shock resistant. Although all AVI-8 watches are tested for impact resistance, you should still avoid violent shocks to you...
Tue, 30 Aug, 2016 at 11:20 AM
Does my watch have a battery?
It depends on the model of your AVI-8. While quartz watches do have battery, our automatic models do not and instead they are powered by the wearer’s wr...
Tue, 30 Aug, 2016 at 11:21 AM
Does my watch have a tachymeter?
No, your AVI-8 has no tachymeter. A tachymeter is used to compute a speed based on travel time or measure distance based on speed.
Thu, 4 Aug, 2016 at 2:28 PM
Does my watch have a chronographer?
Some models have chronograph functions while other do not. Please check instruction manual to know complete specifications of your timepiece. Please...
Tue, 30 Aug, 2016 at 11:23 AM
What lens does my AVI-8 have?
Most of AVI-8 watches use mineral lenses while our premium models, such as AV-4042-02, are equipped with premium sapphire lens. Please check the i...
Tue, 30 Aug, 2016 at 11:24 AM
What is the range of inner circumference of my AVI-8 strap?
For Gents Collection, the inner circumference varies from:  Max 205 mm +/- 5 mm, Min 145mm, +/- 5mm For ladies Collection, the inner...
Tue, 30 Aug, 2016 at 11:25 AM
Where can I find instruction manuals on how to use my watch?
Instructions for current AVI-8 watch styles can be found on our watch instructions manual page here. If you have an older watch, or are una...
Tue, 30 Aug, 2016 at 11:28 AM